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16 Mar 2017

Barminco readies refi, banks settle into the tent

Gresham Private Equity's Barminco is believed to be working with HSBC and an American bank as it prepares a $400 million-odd refinancing deal before a self-imposed May deadline.

Street Talk understands Barminco has called in HSBC and the American bank - which dealmakers suggested to Street Talk was Goldman Sachs - as it prepares to meet bond investors in coming weeks.

While sources close to the situation said no mandates had been signed, preparations with the banks are well advanced and the deal is on track to be done in the coming six weeks.

Up for grabs is the refinancing of Barminco's $US299.7 million ($394.7 million) US high-yield bonds which mature in May 2018.

While the bonds may not be due for another 13-months, it's understood Barminco and its owners want to have the debt refinanced before it would be due to hit the "current liabilities" line on its balance sheet.

There are a number of options for the refinancing, however, the owners are expected to target another US high yield bond market transaction.

Once the refi is completed - and should the business continue to perform as expected - Barminco's owners are expected to seek an initial public offering. The company is of the view that the IPO window is open and the business is travelling well enough to attract new investors at an acceptable price.

Gresham's advisory arm is also heavily involved in the deliberations.

Barminco is an underground mining contractor that is familiar to listed equities investors.

Barminco made a run at the ASX-boards in 2011 via Goldman Sachs, at a time when there were very few floats in front of fund managers, however the deal was pulled late in the process.

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