underground mining excellence


Barminco is unmatched in safety, speed and efficiency in mechanised development mining.

At the heart of Barminco's underground mining business is mechanised development mining; specifically high speed mechanised hard rock mine development services and jumbo drilling using electric/hydraulic jumbo drills.

With the development of larger, more mechanised and efficient equipment, decline access mining is proven as the optimal solution for many mines. The key to this method is the rapid development of the decline, enabling early access to and mining of underground reserves.

With over 25 years of expertise in the management and operation of jumbo development projects, Barminco's state of the art technology, people and jumbo drilling equipment delivers the highest productivity and quality of finished product attainable to each client.

Barminco development jumbos are equipped to the highest standard to provide our operators with improved safety features and a premium working environment. Our jumbo drilling operators are the best in the industry.


Barminco is a leader in the development of in-cycle shotcreting applications.

Shotcreting provides an alternative and often superior surface support option to conventional meshing.

  • It is versatile and provides a more permanent support solution than mesh.
  • It dramatically improves the productivity and quality of mine development.
  • It is particularly favourable in deep high stress applications and in rehabilitation of previously meshed areas.

Barminco uses the latest technology in concrete batching. As with all services provided by Barminco, batch plants are built to exceed Australian Standards and international industry best practice. All products are designed and optimised by engineers and quality assured prior to application.

Barminco has commissioned the research and development of in-situ testing methodologies to optimise re-entry timing and ensure effective quality control post application. This proprietary technology will allow Barminco to maintain a competitive advantage in the safe and rapid execution of development mining services.

Further information is provided in attached paper: Safer, Deeper, Faster: Sprayed Concrete — an integral component of development mining.

Fleet Hire

Barminco backs its services with state of the art equipment and one of the largest single company owned fleet of underground mechanised equipment in the world.

All Barminco equipment is purpose built for the underground mining environment and tailored to Barminco's exacting requirements.

At Barminco, we strongly support the premise that well maintained and operated mechanised equipment provides high productivity rates and low per unit costs. This is one of the ways Barminco consistently delivers the best performance for our clients.

The Barminco fleet consists of over 300 units including development jumbos, long hole drills, loaders, trucks, graders and service support vehicles. Principle vendors include Caterpillar, Atlas Copco and Sandvik. Loader bucket capacities range from 1.5 to 9m3 and truck payload capacities vary from 20 to 60 tonne, catering for a variety of underground heading sizes.

Fleet not dedicated to Barminco's contract mining operations are available for 'Dry Hire'. Availability of fleet provided on request.

Contact us for further information on our underground mining equipment or mining fleet hire.