underground mining excellence

Support Services


Barminco's Maintenance System, rebuild facility and skilled maintenance teams provide the benchmark for equipment reliability performance in the industry.

As one of the largest underground mining fleet owners, Barminco partners with equipment manufacturers to develop equipment improvement strategies and provide superior services.

The Barminco Maintenance System governs all aspects of Barminco's site and fleet based maintenance activity, ensuring a consistent approach between all projects and reinforcing Barminco's unconditional commitment to safety, environment and statutory obligations.

Barminco's fleet standardisation policy supported by Barminco's standardised rebuild specifications, data from its production reporting systems, on‐site access to the entire equipment maintenance history for any piece of machinery (including modifications and improvements) allow for better than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) workshop rebuild standards.

  • Purpose built maintenance repair and rebuild facility: A purpose built 3000m2 undercover maintenance repair and rebuild facility is housed in Perth, Western Australia.
  • Data capture systems provide immediate information: All on-site maintenance supervisors can immediately access the entire equipment maintenance history of any piece of machinery when analysing site or equipment specific issues.
  • Reporting systems allow improvements on OEM standards: Barminco has implemented production reporting systems that provide a reliable database of key performance indicators that in turn allow improvement in maintenance programming over that provided by the OEMs.
  • Regular diagnostic health checks: During post‐rebuild commissioning all system operating parameters are checked against standard specifications and recorded in Barminco's Maintenance System. Regular system health checks compare machine performance against commissioning values, providing a valuable preventative diagnostic tool.

Our highly trained and skilled teams are supported by a comprehensive and unprecedented training program for maintenance.

Supply Chain

Our award winning Integrated Supply Chain Management System is comprised of rapid flow warehousing systems and smart purchasing.

To support our value of exceeding our customers’ expectations through the timely delivery of a superior service, Barminco has in place supply chain management systems that enable supplier relationship management to be integrated with our transport supplier, allowing efficient and reliable project support.

The High Commendation Award at the 2009 Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards recognised this integrated supply management philosophy.

Underpinning Barminco’s supply chain performance are three key areas of focus:

  • Supplier: Choosing the right supplier and partner based on Barminco’s established supplier relationship philosophy.
  • Warehousing systems: Mitigating the risk of stock outs with rapid flow through distribution points and on-site min/max inventory management systems.
  • Purchasing: Deploying flexible arrangements to capitalise on volume discounts but maintain flexibility for urgent requirements.

Planning and Advisory

Barminco understands how to make mechanised underground mines work safely and efficiently anywhere in the world.

The Barminco team has the capability, qualifications and depth of experience drawn from an extensive history of projects to provide and optimise a total underground mining service for clients.

  • Mining Management/Interim Management: Our team of project managers consist of competent and certified mine managers who can maintain roles of statutory responsibility on either a permanent or interim basis.
  • Mine Planning and Scheduling: Engineers and managers are experienced with the latest underground scheduling programs and can provide these services in support of client requirements on a permanent or interim basis.
  • Scoping and Concept Studies, Production Benchmarking: Our information systems and extensive database of projects provide in-depth expertise in scoping or concept studies which are reliant on application of empirical data.
  • Mine Equipment Selection: Barminco's pragmatic experience in operating capital intensive assets in various underground mining environments provides a unique capability to optimise the staging and selection of mobile and fixed plant as part of an overall mining system.
  • Business Improvement: Barminco's wealth of experience in the optimisation and operation of various mining operations in Western Australia and developing environments provide them with a unique capability to benchmark, diagnose, plan and implement changes within owner miner operations.