Barminco people are the best miners in the world

We currently employ over 5,300 people, at 25 projects in seven countries and while our alumni are renowned for being among the best miners in the world, it’s the people we retain who define our culture and truly give us an experience edge.

Our leadership team is highly capable and stable with many of them long-term Barminco employees. The average tenure of our key operational personnel is more than 10 years.

How we create the best miners in the world

Our ability to attract and retain the very best people in the industry stems directly from an underlying belief that our people are our business.

That’s why we look for people with an aptitude and interest in developing others to ensure that our learning culture continues to extend right through our entire organisation.

We embed a core group of the very best mining leaders and professionals from around the world at every project, then recruit and train local staff in every country who will become the operators and leaders of tomorrow. To date, we have trained over 20,000 Africans and developed over 100 African expatriates.

We have a wide range of people development programs, including an Apprenticeship Training Program, Graduate Program and Leadership Program. These programs ensure our people not only become exceptional in their field, but have a career pathway so they can progress through the organisation. And it’s why we have a formal structure of performance-based incentives to ensure everyone gets to benefit from our collective success.

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