Building the underground mine of tomorrow

Barminco is an underground mining organisation, for us technology is about increasing the delivery of metres and tonnes, as safely and efficiently as possible.

Technology and innovation are core components of the Barminco value proposition. Our ability to discover both internal and external trends, rapidly evaluate concepts and implement initiatives with short interval review cycles are intrinsic to the way we work.

Our innovation capability helps differentiate Barminco from its competitors, keep pace with or lead technological change and deliver significant value to our clients. Barminco acknowledges that innovation can occur anywhere and this has led to an internal and external collaborative approach to the technology initiatives we undertake on our sites.

Our technology focus is centred on:

Our approach to implementing new technology

Our approach comprises four distinct phases which are centered on bringing new technology to client projects in the most structured, planned and collaborative way:

Phase 1 – Outline the operational & commercial objectives
Phase 2 – Evaluate the available technology
Phase 3 – Provide justification for selection
Phase 4 – Implement the plan

Building the underground mine of tomorrow

As the global trend of mining moving underground accelerates, technology will be pivotal in enabling companies to access their resources at increasingly greater depths, both cost-effectively and safely.

To ensure we meet the needs of our clients operating in a globally competitive marketplace, Barminco has developed a 10-year technology roadmap for building the underground mines of tomorrow. This roadmap comprises four clear and decisive initiatives – Data, People and Change, Automation, and Enablers.

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