Maximising value from underground hard rock mines

Through our production mining services including production drilling, charging, blasting, loading and hauling to the surface, we are currently mining and hauling in excess of 10mtpa and growing rapidly.

Our production drill rigs are electric-hydraulic, or diesel-hydraulic depending on application, and are capable of hole sizes ranging from 57mm to 102mm and larger for specialist applications and many are fitted with fully automated drilling functionality.

We use the most up to date, high-tech explosives available, such as emulsion and electronic detonators to ensure optimum fragmentation, minimise ore loss and dilution, and our engineers are available for drill and blast design and optimisation.

In keeping with our stringent safety protocols, we utilise tele-remote control loaders in the extraction process to ensure our people are exposed to as few hazards as possible. We do this by partnering with suppliers of automated loader applications to develop pragmatic and cost-effective solutions which are fit for purpose at each unique site.

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