Vertical development

Small diameter vertical development

Rhino 100 Raise Borer

Barminco provides small diameter box-hole and raisebore capabilities to its clients utilizing the state-of-art Rhino 100 Raise Borer. The Rhino 100 is a fully mechanized, self-contained, electro-hydraulic mobile raise borer designed for slot raising and back-reaming in underground mining.

World First

Barminco is the first company in the world to utilise the “plug and play” back-reaming module which allows for a quick transition between box-holing and back-reaming capability. This provides maximum flexibility for our clients.

Technical specifications

The Rhino is capable of drilling 280mm service holes (up or down) to a depth of 200m, 750mm slot (upholes) to a depth of 60m, 670mm slot (up or down) to a depth of 80m or 1060mm conventional back reamed raises to a depth of 100m.

For full capabilities and availability contact the Barminco office.

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