Equipment supply & maintenance

Modern fleet, state-of-the-art maintenance

Barminco has one of the largest single company-owned fleet of underground mechanised equipment in the world.

All Barminco equipment is purpose-built for the underground mining environment and tailored to Barminco’s exacting requirements. The Barminco fleet comprises more than 300 units, including development jumbos, long hole drills, loaders, trucks, graders and service support vehicles. Loader bucket capacities range from 1.5 to 10.5m3 and truck payload capacities vary from 20 to 63 tonne, catering for a variety of underground heading sizes.

Fleet not dedicated to Barminco’s contract mining operations are available for ‘Dry Hire’ on request. Contact us for further information on our underground mining equipment or mining fleet hire.

Barminco Maintenance System

Barminco’s Maintenance System rebuild facility and skilled maintenance teams provide the benchmark for equipment reliability performance in the industry. Barminco’s lifecycle approach to fleet management allows optimisation of the existing company assets and benchmarking of market alternatives to ensure that the fleet is comprised of the best performing equipment in each size and application. Barminco’s fleet standardisation policy supported by, data from its production reporting systems, on‐site access to the entire equipment maintenance history for any piece of machinery (including modifications and improvements) enables high utilisation of safe and reliable equipment.

The Barminco Maintenance System governs all aspects of Barminco’s site and fleet-based maintenance activity, ensuring a consistent approach between all projects and reinforcing Barminco’s unconditional commitment to safety, environment and statutory obligations. Barminco’s standardised rebuild specifications based on reliability data allow for better than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) workshop rebuild standards.

Our highly trained and skilled teams are supported by a comprehensive and unprecedented training program for maintenance personnel.

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