Our purpose

Creating enduring value and certainty

Barminco exists to create enduring value and deliver certainty for our clients, the mine owners. We are absolutely focused on delivering for our clients and our aspiration is to become the indispensable underground mining services company.

The values that drive us

We are a values-driven organisation. Our values have defined who we are as a company, guided the way we work and underpinned our very success. For 30 years Barminco’s values, Safety, Integrity and Excellence have defined who we are as an organisation. They’re the foundation upon which our culture and our ways of working have been built and have served us well in helping us become the organisation we are today.




We’re reshaping our values for the future

We are fortunate that in becoming part of Perenti Group we have joined a like-minded organisation, who share the same fundamental beliefs around creating enduring value and certainty for our clients.

We’ve been working hand in hand with Perenti Group to develop a new set of common principles that acknowledge these shared beliefs and ensure we retain the elements that have served us so well to date. We’re delighted with the progress and are excited about transitioning to our new principles in the coming months.

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