Electric vehicle trial success at IGO’s Nova mine

Safescape’s Bortana BELV (battery electric light vehicle) has been successfully trialed at IGO Ltd’s Nova mine. Designed specifically for underground use, the electric vehicle offers several safety and efficiency improvements for underground mine operations.

The joint project is a result of collaboration between IGO and Barminco implementing technology solutions to improve the way we operate to ensure efficiency and sustainability for our clients. Electric vehicles produce zero emissions and less heat than diesel vehicles, allowing underground operators to work in safer environments.

Project Manager at Nova, Alex Cox says the BELV has impressed everyone on site with positive feedback from foremen, shift bosses and service crew. “Zero emissions mean we can have a few more vehicles in one area of the mine, which is a positive impact on productivity,” he said. “We’re also seeing maintenance and lifecycle benefits because the electric vehicles are fully galvanized and sealed with a fraction of the mechanical components of a diesel vehicle.” The BELV project at Nova is just one of many joint technology initiatives underway to drive productivity, efficiency and safety.

Barminco CEO, Paul Muller says the electric vehicle trial is just one example of how Barminco is striving to enable the ‘mine of tomorrow’. “We are proud to be involved in this innovative project and look forward to the developments to come for electric vehicles in underground mining.”